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Big Data Analytics @ GBs/sec with Momentum

Big Data Analytics @ GBs/sec with Momentum

Big Data science Without Coding. Iterate Fast. Save Time. Reduce Cost.

Momentum Powers Biztream, a Social Media Analytics Platform

Momentum Powers Biztream, a Social Media Analytics Platform

Social Listening & Engagement. Lead Generation. Competitor Analysis.


A Big Data Analytics Platform



Process gigabytes of data per second.


Transparent and elastic expansion without downtime


Disk based data persistence with replication prevents data loss


Highly reliable and fault-tolerant cluster technology


No coding for most analytics needs

Custom analytics in plain Java or R


Momentum is available on the cloud as a service


Value Proposition

Momentum enables big data analytics development in a fraction of time and at a fraction of cost. Custom analytics can be built by simply writing Java or R programs without worrying about the complexities of MapReduce or technology specific programming APIs.

Momentum Functionality

Installation and Cluster Management

A web based UI driven cluster setup and installation wizard makes creating 100s of nodes of cluster an easy task. The following UI based tools are available:

  • Cluster setup
  • Cluster monitoring
  • Cluster management - scale up and down
  • Service monitoring and management – start and stop

High Scale and Superfast ETL

UI driven ETL to load multiple formats of data from multiple sources and transform them by doing aggregation and joins that may not otherwise be possible by any other ETL system. The output of a transformation can be used as an input to another transformation. The data processing is done in parallel across worker nodes and it scales linearly as the number of nodes in the cluster.

Machine Learning

Data scientist and business analyst friendly machine learning implementation to super charge your data analytics without writing a single line of program. All machine learning algorithms run in parallel on distributed cluster to make it fast. It also allows machine learning and predictions on stream of data in realtime.

Natural Language Processing

Momentum provides out of the box support for Text analytics with sentiment analysis, concept categorization and other NLP algorithms.

Realtime Analytics

Using Momentum, develop high performance stream based analytics suitable for applications such as Internet of Things (IOT) and click stream. This UI based scalable system makes stream processing faster and easier.

IoT Support

Momentum is an IOT platform. It allows easy configuration to add millions of IOT devices and collect and analyze massive amount of sensor data at a very high speed.


Most BI tools can connect to momentum data storage via JDBC/ODBC connector and visualize analytics results.

Custom Analytics

Build custom analytics in Java or R without worrying about complexities of platform specific APIs.


Momentum consists of the following three core components responsible for scalable data processing and storage.

Momentum Architecture

Momentum Stack

  1. Guzzler is a scalable data ingestion component that provides connectors to RDMBS, MongoDB, unstructured flat files, and TCP/IP based streaming data.
  2. Neuron, which is the brain of the analytics engine, provides scalable data transformation and MapReduce program logic to process large volume of data and performs machine learning, and natural language process (NLP). Both the batch and realtime analytics are supported.
  3. Emitter is responsible for pushing the processed data to scalable NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, SolrCloud, AWS S3, and Cassandra.

Cluster Technology

Momentum is a cluster based technology with master-slave architecture as shown in the following diagram.

The workbench that hosts the management console is the main terminal user intercts with to work with Momentum. The Master manages workers and allocates tasks and negotiates resources to run those tasks. Works perform the actual processing tasks in parallel.


Use Cases

Momentum is industry/domain agnostic and it provides a platform for building wide range of use cases. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Telecom Customer Churn Analysis
  • Retail Recommendation Engine
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Street Light Analytics – IOT
  • Contact Center Call Volume Prediction
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  • Stock price prediction
  • Retail Demand Forecast
  • Restaurant Recommendation
  • Student Performance Prediction
  • Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Machines and Equipment – IOT
  • Predict Automobile Price
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Oil Price Forecasting
  • Car Rental Prediction
  • Diabetes Prediction
  • Cardio Vascular Disease Prediction
  • Hypertension Prediction
  • Human Activity Recognition – IOT
  • Loan Repayment Risk Analysis

About Accure

Accure helps data driven companies to connect to all data sources, aggregate, join and transform their data, build big data analytics based on machine learning, NLP, and statistical science so that our customers get actionable insights in a fraction of time and cost.

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